jenmarya (jenmarya) wrote,

How Did You Meet Your S.O.?

I would love to hear all the How We Met stories of people who read this, including Peter's parents. I loooove How We Met stories.

Even if you aren't with someone now, what was your favorite meeting story?

I met Peter on, which is exactly as silly as it sounds; however, the months of epistolary correspondence that followed were sublime, a courtship straight out of the 19th century. In the very beginning, I showed family and friends his letters. My mom said, "compared to him, Shakespeare is dull." Other friends wanted to read ALL future letters. He's absolutely the best letter writer I've ever read. Several reams of our correspondence were part of our stable relationship visa application. Maybe if we hit the skids, we can publish 'em-- his, anyway, and hire a ghostwriter for mine ;)

So... Valentine's is upon us. How'd you get hit by the dart?

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