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Romance books [Mar. 7th, 2013|03:06 pm]
Why I can't stomach romance books, an open letter.

Dear Writers of Romance, and Readers of Romance,

Men who kiss within seconds of meeting, only to discover--mere moments into the kiss-- that the kissee is The One, are also known by another term: psychopaths. Run away and or set the pen/keyboard down. And try some character exposition.

From: pluizebol
2013-03-14 09:14 am (UTC)

Although this may be good character exposition if the "man" is fourteen. Previous sentence may contain a contradiction.
Non-irritating romance stories in books are rare, it is true.

I just read "Snoepkast" by J. Peeters, because it's a cousin-in-law and Kris's mother bought us the book. It's about a guy who wonders whether or not he wants children. I kept wondering whether the extremely flat characters were just badly written or representative for how flat the author (and by generalisation, many men who write books or don't?) is/are. A scary thought (that does explain a lot of adultery, though).
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[User Picture]From: jenmarya
2013-03-14 10:44 pm (UTC)
ha! ok, i hadn't considered the teenager as romance protagonist.

It's sad when flat characters have children, so I hope he didn't. :) Not a great review of your in-law's writing, sadly! At least you didn't have to buy it.

FWIW, I find that really gifted writers can be men as often as women. And I think women cheat more than men, but not being one of them, I can't say what prompts them to cheat, whether it be flat character or sucky impulse control or what.

Not fun being stuck reading a crappy author! They're not all bad, I swear!
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